This Thursday of December 14, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), approved a revoke the decree of neutrality on the network, where in turn exclude the normative that imposed the ex-president of United stated, Barack Obama, where was possible develop a traffic  of internet without limitations for consumers.

The measure will allow companies providers of internet to limit access to some portals and speed of navigation, which led to a series of demonstrations in the USA capital, in which hundreds of protesters expressed their dissatisfaction.

Mitch McConnell, leader of the republican majority, who for vote a favor of 3 to 2, manifested, that the revocation it will allow generate to the consumers a competitive market without restrictions that’s prevented developing the innovation between the companies providers and platforms.

On others hands, Jessica Rosenworcel, commissioner of the match democratic, indicated, that now whose will have the ‘’new power’’ will be the internet providers and the consumers will be the harmed ones. ‘’They have the technical ability and economics incentive to discriminate and manipulate the traffic of internet. Now this agency (FCC) have given them a green light to move’’, she said.

What effects will stand out the neutrality of network to USA?

– The North American population will have to pay to access the selected portals, which are free.

– Content providers such as Netflix, Reddit, Discord, etc. Will have to govern by the normative of the providers.

– It will generate monetary gains among big internet providers such as AT & T, Comcast and Verizon, which will have free to develop competition between themselves and offer better reach internet service for those who cancel the service.

– It could mean the end of those small companies that raise their entrepreneurship and projects through to the network.

As a controversial point, a video circulated by the president of (FCC), Ajit Pai, who decided to dress as Santa Claus, and a humorous way explained that users will continue to enjoy  internet access as they normally did.

However, this measure has boosted the democratic senators enact a law of revision from part of congress North America to annular the decision government.